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bus lines paris


Buses are a great transport solution to move and discover at the same time. But be careful with the ticket system! You need to buy a ticket if you have a connection with the subway and you sometimes even need to buy another ticket if you have a connection with another bus.

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Metro Paris – Plan

All metro and regional train lines in and around Paris

All metro and regional train lines in and around Paris

A few tips for your journey in the metro of Paris:

In Paris, the metro is quite easy to use: the price is the same for every trip, the metro stops at every station etc. With about 300 metro stations, it is probably the fastest way to move. But here are a few rules you need to respect to avoid troubles:

  • With one ticket you can do an unlimited number of transfer (within 1 hour 30) but if you go out of the metro (by crossing the metallic door) you can not use it anymore, even if it is to take a bus or a tram. This mechanism will be explained in details in another post.
  • Be very careful, the number of pickpockets has increased a lot, especially around the most touristic areas such as Trocadéo, Franklin Roosevelt or Havre-Caumartin! So close your bag and keep your wallet close to you.
  • Stay away from the door when the buzeer goes on
  • Be careful, if you go outside of Paris by RER . The tarification is no more the same and you need to buy a specific ticket


1 ticket: 1,70€ / 10 tickets (a “carnet”): 13,70€ (6,85€ for children under 10 years old)

if you stay a week or more, or if you plan to move a lot, maybe you should check this out: http://www.ratp.fr/en/ratp/r_61654/parisvisite/