La Butte aux Cailles – A village in Paris


butte aux caillesstreet art butte aux cailles

Description The Butte aux Cailles is surprisingly not very well-known. Tourists rarely go in this disctrict quite far away from the center (wedged between the city’s Chinatown district and the sprawling Place d’Italie) and many Parisians have heard of it but never went there. But this village-like area should definitely be on your list!This district, whose name come from the 16th century, used to be an important area for the tannery and tissue trades.Saved from modernity by its past life as a stony quarry, you can enjoy a nice walk in its narrow cobblestone streets featuring quirky restaurants, cafes and boutiques. The area has retain its village ambiance which has attracted a young, trendy and festive Parisian population.Don’t expect to find monuments. If you go there it is to enjoy its peaceful streets, its silence and its greenery. It is also a great spot for street art lovers (see Rue des Cinq Diamants)Here are a few addresses you should check if you go there:

– Villa Daviel and nearby streets

– The 19th century Place Paul Verlaine

– Le Temps des Cerises, for a typical French restaurant (€€)

– La Folie en Tête (33 Rue de la Butte aux Cailles), to stay late in the night (€€)

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Address 13th arrondissement, around the Rue de la Butte aux Cailles and the Place Paul Verlaine
How to go there? Metro 6 Corvisart, Metro 5,6 & 7 Place d’Italie

La Petite Ceinture – Walk along a former railway



Description The Petite Ceinture is a 17 miles railway around central Paris. Built between 1852 and 1869 (during the Second Empire) to connect the different train stations of Paris, this railway was one of the first suburban transit system in the world, but it fell into disuse during the 30’s with the success of the Metro.Abandoned since then, the Petite Ceinture has become a biodiversity sanctuary in a big urban city such as Paris. It provides shelter for more than 200 species of plants and no less than 70 animal species1,3km of this former railway was opened to the public in the 15th arrondissement last summer. The path overlooks an interesting mix of architecture: classic stone facades, brick buildings, newer balconied apartments, even the Eiffel Tower sometimes.

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Price Free access
Address From Balard until the rue Olivier de Serres
Website For more information : (sorry it’s in french)
Hours Mon. to Fri.: 9 am – 4.45 pm (in the winter) & 8.30 pm (in the summer)Sat. to Sun.: 9.30 am – 4.45 pm (in the winter) & 8.30 pm (in the summer)
How to go there? Metro 8 Balard / Metro 12 Porte de Versailles