Blend – the parisian’s burger success story


BLENDblend burger 2





Description This burger restaurant is a pioneer of the burgermania that hit Paris in the last years.Burgers are made with meat from Yves-Marie le Bourdonnec, one of city’s very best butchers. But they offer also veggie burgers. Almost every product is fresh  and has been carefully chosen and that is why it has become one of the most famous burger place in Paris. To the point that they opened a Blend 2! And despite the quality of the food, you can have a burger for 10€ and a “Menu Midi”, Burger + French fries + a soft drink, for 15€.

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Price €€
Address 44 rue d’Argout, 75002 Paris
Phone +33 1 40 26 84 57
Hours Mon. to Sat: 12 am – 23 pm
How to go there? Metro 3 Sentier / Metro 4 Etienne Marcel

Blend 1

Blend 2

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